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Booking and Payment Terms

For bookings made 60 days or more in advance, the booking for a holiday will be effective when a deposit of at least 25% of the holiday price (rounding up to the nearest pound sterling) has been paid. Up to that time it will be a provisional booking, and provisional bookings are normally held for a maximum of 7 working days. The full balance of the total holiday cost (including any increase made in accordance with these Terms and Conditions) will be payable not later than 56 days before the holiday begins.

For bookings made for a holiday less than 60 days away, full payment must be made at the time of booking.


Security Charge

All bookings will be subject to a refundable security charge of £100 per booking. This security charge provides cover for the cost of any damage and/or breakages caused by the Visitor in, at or to the property, as well as any requirement for additional cleaning where the Accommodation is not left clean. The charge is payable to The Owner with the balance. If the security charge is not sufficient to cover the cost of any additional cleaning, breakages and/or damage caused, the Visitor will be responsible for full payment of any additional charges, costs and/or losses incurred on request. The security charge will be returned after inspection of the accommodation.